A Xamarin.Forms app in 12 hours (experiment)

Inspired by this two blog post:



I decided to give it a go. Here is the story:

The Idea

Well, this is actually… the second time I try this. The first application that I tried was 2 months ago with a Fifa world cup application. Which was a total “disaster” The Android application was only downloaded 36 times and that was only because the support of my family and friends who actually downloaded the app.

Based on the press and all the commotion of the cryptocurrencies I decided to build a Xamarin.Forms application. (Without even investigating other similar applications.) The key goals of the application would be:

  • It should be simple
  • It must have the latest news

I decided to start with the Android app first for obvious reasons.

The Build

First of all and since I do not have much experience with backend development I decided to use a public API to get the latest cryptocurrency news. Doing a quick search I found a couple of sites that got my attention:

Since cryptopanic didn’t provide images I decided to go with cryptocontrol. So I sat down at 7 pm. one night with the aim of having the app submitted for review by 7 am. 12 hours of hacking is actually my idea of fun.

6 hours later I had a prototype I could submit to Google play. I am no designer so my skills are limited and I ended up spending the rest 6 hours on Icons, splash screens, and Google play store banners:

Built and submitted in 12 hours. The wait begins…

The Approval

After 24 hours and the proper configuration process ( Rating Certificate,  Release notes, setting up AppCenter ). The application was published to all the countries and all types of devices.  ( OMG! )


It is being two days and I only have 5 downloads and no reviews yet. So I think what comes next are very important parts of the process those would be marketing and the analytics part. I am trilled about the concept of understanding how the users are using my application and how I can improve it 😀

Stay tune for the next chapters of this series of post.

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